Hi, this page of my blog is dedicated to all my sponsorships and collaborations with different businesses and blogs always related to the craft chocolate market and the bean-to-bar world. As you can read, I often write articles for another blog called Pensar Di Cibo and I work with one of the most prominent European craft chocolate distributors which is The High Five Company, and their shop online for regular customers/tasters known as Craft Chocolate Shop. On the side, you can find the direct link for each page and a short description of our activities. 

Craft Chocolate Shop 

CraftChocolate.Shop is a retail concept of The High Five Company based in the Netherlands. Our purpose is to make people happy with good and honest chocolate. We deliberately choose small and unique chocolate makers from the United States, Europe, and Asia because they buy directly from cocoa farmers, pay premium prices, and work with great vision and attention to create a unique tasting journey. We like to keep the chains as transparent and short as possible. We do not sell the type of chocolate that you would find in the supermarket. By distributing specialty chocolate, we support the artisans and the cocoa farmers too. Did you know that cocoa could contain 800 different flavors and aromas? In our team, everyone brings his or her own expertise to the table. Organizing chocolate events, promoting the best products, writing articles, organizing tastings or master classes, judging at chocolate awards, and much more. Our broad work and expertise lead to us always being on top of the latest trends. That is why we also know what our customers need! 

The High Five Company 

The High Five Company is an Import and International Distributor of bean-to-bar chocolate. We know what your customers need, and how you can have a competitive advantage with the specialty chocolate that not many others sell. Our chocolate can be found mainly in specialty shops, coffee bars, tea shops, webshops, and organic retail or wholesale companies around the world. We are proud to be the exclusive distributor of To’ak, Letterpress, Fruition, Qantu, Solstice, Zotter, and Dick Taylor to name a few. In addition to bars, we also sell delicious drinking chocolate (hot and cold) and couverture. Couverture is specially made for chocolatiers, pastry chefs, and chefs for baking or cooking. The founder is Dennis Van Essen who has a lot of experience in working with retail.

Pensar di Cibo 

Formazione e comunicazione sul cibo. Pensar Di Cibo è innanzitutto un blog che parla di cibo e cerca di farlo in modo divulgativo e spigliato, ma senza rinunciare a profondità e complessità, all’accuratezza, anche scientifica delle informazioni.