Updated: Feb 28


(85% organic) Ingredients: cocoa mass, cane sugar, butter (cream), glucose syrup, cocoa butter, bird`s eye chili

Maker`s description: incredibly chocolatey and tender-melting. A soft mousse filling with a high- percentage dark chocolate boasting an intense 80% cacao content, it melts immediately while bursting with chocolate aromas. It’s covered with classic dark chocolate with 70% cacao powder. Gentle and sweet on the outside and intense on the inside – pure chocolate indulgence!

If you are looking for an elegant moment of pleasure and joy, this Zotter hand-scooped dark chocolate mousse creation suits your needs. I totally agree with the maker about the tender-melting part but I am sure it is not as intense as 80% chocolate. It brought back my childhood memories when I used to eat "Kinder Pingui": a fresh snack, prepared with a soft naturally leavened sponge cake, a delicate milk filling, and a crunchy dark chocolate coating. Except, in this case, we are losing the chilled sweet milk taste gaining in exchange more chocolate flavor with the same light crispiness. I also find brilliant the addiction of chili "bird`s eye" for a subtle fruit note which accompanies you throughout the entire tasting experience leaving a hint of spiciness in the aftertaste, and certainly, it doesn`t hurt!

I also think it is interesting Zotter`s recommendation about "How to Enjoy Chocolate": in order to taste the entire flavor spectrum of the hand-scooped selection, they suggest that we delight in dark chocolate at 77F, milk chocolate at 72F, and white chocolate at 68F. I personally store chocolate at 62F in a wine cooler.