Updated: Apr 20

Ecuadorian dark chocolate 73% cacao - Aged 3 years in Tequila Cask

Organic ingredients: 73% cacao beans, 27% cane sugar

Appellation: Pietra de Plata

Variety: Heirloom Nacional

Fermentation: 4 days

Roast: Medium

Conch: 23.5 hours

Pairing recommendations: Anejo tequila, Don Julio in particular: American whiskies like bourbon and rye, as well as Scotch and Irish. In the realm of cheese, soft and semi-hard sheep milk cheese (Comte, Gruyere, Beaufort), as well as Gouda and Brie.

Dark brown color.

Hard snap.

It takes time to start to melt but it becomes very smooth leaving a sensational palate.

The scents are so tempting: sweet-scented chocolate and impressive fruity caramel nuance.

The flavor is not aggressive but it still delivers an astonishing tequila taste:

pure agave aroma, soft fruits undertones (lemon, lime, and grapefruit), a touch of spices as vanilla and nutmeg.

The finish is neat and fresh: buttery caramel flavor, a hint of smoky honey butter aroma on the bottom of your throat and grassy-black pepper pungent feeling on the tip of your tongue.

The most important part is the aftertaste film! It evolves over time imprinting strong peppery taste also in the middle of your tongue and gentle lime sugary zest all over your palate followed by smoked oak and vanilla undertones. No astringency or bitterness.

WOW! I am speechless. I usually dislike dark chocolate mixed with liquor because the taste is too strong and, I believe, invasive. It changes the organoleptic composition of the chocolate in all its aspects.

TO`AK approach is different: they selected their Rain Harvest 2015 - Light 73% to mature in one of their Don Julio casks delivering a sophisticated result.

Everybody can enjoy this bar. Also, people like me who normally dislike tequila.

A truly innovative tasting experience.

NB: this is the second TO`AK cask-aged I tried and I am again blown away for the long-lasting tasting experience and I am not talking about minutes or hours but, trust me, you are going to wake up the day after with the same range of flavors lingering on your tongue.

My advice: open your mind, do not focus on the price and you will be not disappointed.

Check out the Tequila Cask Aged 3 years here: