Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Galapagos Safari Camp - Harvest 2018 - Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate

Ingredients: 70% cacao beans, 5% cacao butter, 25% cane sugar.

Appellation: Santa Cruz Island

Variety: Nacional

Fermentation: 7 days

Light Roast

Conche: none

This is the first single-origin dark chocolate bar produced from two small farms on one of the most fascinating parts of the world: the Galapagos Islands.

These islands are a volcanic archipelago in the Pacific Ocean and they are part of the Republic of Ecuador.

Ecuador`s Nacional cacao grown in this remote place is very special because of its soft fudge texture!

The first time I tasted this bar I was very surprised by three attributes: nose, snap and texture.

Soft snap, fudge cookie dough consistency but it carries an unexpectedly cool (caramel) mouthfeel. The scents are so delicious: a festive Cinnabon chorus, sweet whole wheat bread, raisins, and floral bouquet. The first thing you detect when you taste it is sweet cookie dough fudge aroma, then warm spices and brown fruits lined up by caramel undertones.

About the fruit profile, I am not simply talking about banana, brown pears or dates but sapote. I believe this fruit fits perfectly not only the flavor profile of this bar but all its composition including the texture.


Well, the ripe fruit has an exquisitely soft and melting pulp. The flavor is gentle but still complex: notes of baking spices as nutmeg and vanilla, sub-acid undertones of pumpkin, banana, pear, and apricot.

The finish is less sweet and more on the dark side. We can say "rustic" like cinnamon Ezekiel bread.

Overall, all the notes I described are subtle.

This bar needs your complete attention.

However, It is a very interesting bar and I always support rare cacao origin/variety.

Because they always have something unique to tell!

Of course, we should not underestimate the talent of the maker and the farmers.

TO`AK has been working for years in Ecuador achieving a much-desired chocolate quality.

Check out the Galapagos To`ak bar here: