Ecuadorian dark chocolate 78%

Organic ingredients: 78% cacao beans, 22% cane sugar.

Appellation: Piedra de Plata

Variety: Heirloom Nacional

Fermentation: 4 days

Roast: light

Conch: 18 hours

The story behind this bar is very interesting. Based on the maker description:

Start with heirloom Nacional cacao from Piedra de Plata, add torrential El Niño rains followed by an unexpected drought during the critical ripening period, and top it off with an unusually late harvest forced by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. Single-origin Ecuadorian dark chocolate at its most complex.

First of all, this is probably the most flavorful Rain Harvest bar from To`ak.

Rich dark brown color and sharp snap as always. Creamy and amazing silky texture which is extraordinary and a serious difficult undertaking for dark chocolate made without cocoa butter.

Like some earthy red wines, it has a full-bodied taste. It is characterized by a "transcendent" ripe banana aroma and palate. Yes, considering the whole tasting experience, the banana flavor is unexpected yet warming. It represents the sweet side of this very complex and dark experience. It has some herbaceous flavor like pronounced bitter and warm green notes but I do not detect a cool mouthfeel finish typical for fresh mint and eucalyptus as they mention. Pungent peppery and citrusy finish lingering on the tip of your tongue. Either I am dreaming or I have tasted sparkle water too? The entire chocolate journey is rounded off by a very light banana cream pie sensation at the bottom of your throat.

Looking at the cacao percentage content, the bitterness is mild followed by a light touch of astringency at the end.

I recommend this bar for a tasting session and a more adventurous palate. The singular green yet pungent yet warm aspect is approachable though and perfect for sweet pairing sitting. I tasted the bar with a plant-based chocolate reishi drink and a small ripe banana, the banana cream pie flavor burst out emphasizing the velvety-smooth chocolate cremeux texture by shortening the bitter green and almost minerality (like some wines) finish.

Remarkable job!

Check out the To`ak Rain Harvest 2017 here: