To`ak Bourbon Cask Aged 2 Years

Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate 76% Cacao

Appellation: Piedra de Plata

Variety: Heirloom Nacional

Fermentation: 4 days

Roast: Medium-Light

Conch: 12 hours

Flavors: nutty, woody, honey, plums, vanilla, clove

Ingredients: 76% organic cacao beans, 24% organic cane sugar

Woodford Reserve`s charred American Oak barrels, naturally rich with vanillins and now gently impregnated with Bourbon whiskey aroma, proved to be a wonderful aging vessel for Ecuadorian dark chocolate. It brings out notes of honey and vanilla in the chocolate and a subtle touch of winter spices.

Shiny and homogeneous on the surface

Brown color *****

Aroma: sweet chocolatey with honey and vanilla scents

Mouthfeel: cool

Texture: smooth

Snap: good

Structure/Hardness: ******

Texture: ****

Roundness: ******

Sweetness: ****

Aromatic finesse: ****


Astringency: **

Bitterness: ***

Intensity: ***

Complexity: ***

Length/Aftertaste: *****

Flavor profile: at first there is a rich sweetness triggered by vanilla and honey profound aromaticity. Moreover, the nutty (pecan-like) and woody (oak-like) background give the palate a different deepness difficult to define. The finish/aftertaste is very persistent and long-lasting with the bolstered presence of spicy clove. You will detect bitterness and astringency with a drying effect in the mouth, and a noticeable amount of heat just like black pepper. Similar warm spices include nutmeg and allspice.

This bar represents a simple, straightforward, and "down-to-earth" exhibition of what "Bourbon Barrel Aged" dark chocolate could be in terms of the flavor profile. All its characteristics make it a perfect companion for any of the bourbons from Woodford Reserve, American rye whiskeys, and single malts from Speyside. Any spirit with rich, caramel notes - such as Anejo tequila and certain cognacs. Sweet fortified wines and a wide range of soft and semi-soft cheeses are also highly recommended, ranging from Brie to Gruyere and Gouda.

Thank you James Le Compte for gifting me this sample to review.

Values expressed in stars from 1 to 8. If the bar is extraordinarily close to perfection, I can go up to 10.