Crafted in Colombia - From the best Colombian cacao


Ingredients: cacao beans, cane sugar, cacao butter.

Do you know Tibito` chocolate maker? If not, let me provide some information about them.

CHOCOLATE TIBITÓ was born in 2015 to clearly report the partial acknowledgment of the importance of Colombian cacao, which is undoubtedly one of the best in the world. From the beginning they carefully created top-quality artisanal chocolate, using the great richness and variety of cocoa beans from different Colombian regions. In 2016, just one year after starting the production of fine bean to bar chocolates, they were awarded by the Colombian Federation of Cocoa Growers with the award for the best artisanal chocolate bars in Colombia in the First National Contest of Artisanal Chocolates. Their method consists of rigorously monitor the production process; from the collection and fermentation of the cocoa bean to the packaging of each chocolate bar produced by master chocolatiers to lead to a great variety of tastes, flavors, and textures. They work hand in hand with cocoa producers in the different regions of the country to ensure the best beans output, verifying that the farmer has made an optimal fermentation of the grain, which is an essential step to achieve the best flavor in their bars. In order to fairly reward those who sow and produce the best fine aroma Colombian cocoa, CHOCOLATE TIBITÓ is another admirable maker willing to buy cocoa from suppliers at a premium price.

About this bar, the maker says:

Home to the majestic "Sierra Nevada del Cocuy", the Arauca region is a sanctuary of flora and fauna characterized by its great plains. In this region, the alluvial plains and the fertile foothills of the Andes merge into mountainous landscapes crossed by the Arauca, Meta, and Casanare rivers. To the beat of "joropo" music, in the land of cowboys and green savannahs, we carefully search for the best cocoa beans for these chocolate bars.

Mentioning the flavor profile too:

Caramel, notes of arequipe* and hazelnuts, low acidity, creamy body. It has a sweet and delicate finish with hints of cream and nuts.

Regarding my tasting experience, I absolutely adore this bar for its caramel aroma and flavor.

Sharp snap, satisfying creamy texture, and cool mouth feel. On the palate, the caramel expressions return immediately, in keeping with the olfactory profile; in the centre the chocolate is warm and full, expressing a fresh cream vibration, which together with sweet vanilla hazelnut finish, guarantees excellent yet delicate persistence. The taste can be associated with butterscotch pudding, caramel Panna Cotta, hazelnut caramel cream chocolate tart. But I think a chocolate mousse with sweet cream gelato, hazelnut, and caramel sauce is the one that best represents the creamer-like coolish touch combined with the warm choco-nut-vanilla palate.

*Arequipe is a creamy Colombian caramel spread used to sandwich together two thin, disc-shaped wafer cookies, called obleas.