The New Face of Georgia Ramon Chocolate

Phillip Butzmann is the new young CEO of the well-known brand Georgia Ramon Chocolate.

He was born in Germany in 1994 and, since 2015, he studied Food technology with a Specialization in pastries and confectionery. In 2020 he also became a certified chocolatier.

Given the fact that I have always supported Georg Bernardini and his partner Ramona, at the first opportunity, my next move was to reach out to Phillip for a proper introduction. Now we can learn more about him and his future intentions, with specific reference to organizing a fresh look or to continue on the already established vision.

When and how did you start to be interested in the bean-to-bar chocolate world? 

When I was seventeen, I started a job as a confectioner. Besides baking cakes

and making ice cream, I learned a lot about how to work with chocolate. After

this, I went to university to study food technology and I learned more about the

things behind Cacao. During this time, I was able to gain many insights into

the big industry, but I was missing the passion behind its products.

When and how did you meet Georg?

In 2019 I found the book “Chocolate – The Reference Standard” by Georg

Bernardini and impressed me immediately. His view on high quality

chocolate was not really common in Germany at that time.

I jumped onto the next train to meet this man and asked him for a two months

internship. After that it was clear to me that I found what I wanted to do:

C H O C O L A T E! I spent a semester in Sweden at Svenska Kakaobolaget and

I completed an apprenticeship as a chocolatier in Solingen to start my own

business. The contact with Georg never broke off and in January 2020 he

offered me his business. Since the first of November 2020, I am

the proud owner of my own chocolate factory and this still sounds crazy to me.

It´s an honor for me to follow Georg Bernardini’s great footsteps and I´m really

grateful to know him.

Do you prefer single-origin dark chocolate or we are going to still taste genuine

white/flavored chocolate bars with the best ingredients in the world? 

I can`t decide. I think the biggest strength of Georgia Ramon is that we love

and can do both. Every time we get new cacao beans from various countries I`m so

excited about the different tastes. On the other hand, small craft chocolate makers have the opportunity to experiment with chocolate and create something new.

Do you intend to follow the same path as Georg or are you looking for new projects

and a personal way to develop your new business? For example, the packaging style

is going to be the same or would you like to involve new designers? 

Maybe one of Georgia Ramon’s biggest fans is me. The beautiful design,

the passion, and the huge variety of chocolate are so amazing. I identify

completely with this company, there is no need to change anything.

Future projects?

I enjoy working with people who love high-quality food like me.

There are so many people, especially in Germany, who still don’t know how

chocolate is made and what real chocolate tastes like. I would like to

collaborate with small craft breweries or coffee roasters to create new things

and show them how wonderful chocolate can be.

New bars are coming out? 

I have so many ideas for new chocolate bars. In September we will release

some new single-origin bars and maybe some old bars will return. For example:

Thank you, Phillip, we can`t wait to see what you have in store for our taste buds!