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The special mastery of an artisan among individual products lies precisely in communicating the idea of inventing something, of the importance of getting "close to you enough" to deliver the message of authenticity and charisma. And the first impression of these chocolate bars gives a very clear artistic temperament!

Thank you so much Kristen and Josh of Tc Chocolate for sharing with me these beautiful samples to try!

The award-winning chocolate of Terroir (tare-wHAr) is handcrafted and blended to create delightful tasting experiences. They believe that the boldest of flavors come from simple, real ingredients that honor their origin and thrill the eater. Chocolate, like a fine wine or cheese, is about discovery – the discovery of the land from where it came to the hands that made it just for your pure enjoyment. It should be savored and celebrated for the indulgence that it is.

Kristin's background in pastry was fundamental to creating the best bean-to-bar experience that she could. Crafting chocolate "their way" is about patience with the process, nurturing the ingredients, and celebrating the beauty of it all.

Kristen's appreciation for food began as a child around the communal pots that the ladies tend in South Africa. Her respect for ingredients grew from her time in the French Alps.

She says:

Today, my chocolate honors the hands that have touched the ingredients before they reach my Northern Minnesotan kitchen. From the cacao of the jungle to the maple syrup in the sugar shack down the road, each chocolate bar has a story to tell. There is joy in discovering the flavors of a new place that can feel familiar to us. Today, my husband Josh and I craft chocolate that is more than a simple treat, it is an experience

So let`s dive into my tasting experience!

Madagascar 75%

Organic ingredients: cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter

Aroma: fruity and peanuts

Flavor profile: very chocolatey and peanut-ty, then it spreads an unidentifiable fruity-bitter profile with a tangy raspberry aftertaste and some citrusy notes in between. Paste-like mouthfeel in the end. It is definitely my least favorite among the three single origins.

Domenican Republic Oko Caribe 77%

Organic ingredients: cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter

Great appearance with splendid brown color.

Aroma: intense chocolate scents, honey, nutmeg

Flavor profile: considering the high cacao content, I find the "tour" of flavors very graceful and delicate yet at the same time strong with the ability to surprise by virtue of its extreme elegance. The nutmeg imparts a brilliant "spicy" bitterness undoubtedly leading the palate. Even so, the first and last glimpse of honey and seedless strawberry preserve can`t be hidden: they begin and they end... with lasting memories of warm-nutty chocolate flavors and a "pungent-aromatic note" made in between.

Haiti 72%

Organic ingredients: cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter

Aroma: caramelized sugar, spices, dried hazelnut skin, brownie sprinkled with vanilla powdered sugar

Flavor profile: extremely creamy, delicate tasting notes such as chilled milk chocolate (to drink), spices, vanilla chocolate pudding, sweetened hazelnut butter, some hint of blueberry. Very pleasant and mellow.

Lemon Poppyseed white chocolate 38%

Lemon and poppy seeds are one of chocolatier Kristin's favorite flavor combinations. Reminiscent of baked scones, the lemon oil and toasted poppy seeds combine to cut the sweetness of the white chocolate and celebrate this flavor explosion.

Texture: smooth bar spotted with roasted poppy seeds

Finish: this is a smooth, quick melt with the lingering zing of lemon.

I have to say, this is a surprisingly chic choice, and it turns out to be quite common in the "history" of "innovation" in the chocolate field (see Soma and Castronovo).

Kristin creates an amazing quick outcome in terms of taste sensation. The aromatized dairy notes are not excessive and the lemon essential oil aroma is sublime, imparting a charming citrusy flavor with just the right amount of vaguely nutty and mildly woody poppyseed crunch. It just makes me think of a little metal box that contains the most fashionable sweet of the moment: macaroons filled with delicious ganache, colorful addition to the springtime table scene.

Golden Milk 38% white chocolate

Exceptional appearance. Patisserie flavor profile: tons of acacia honey notes on a milky background, just the right touch of earthy turmeric taste (in the medium palate) developing a "revised" cinnamon flavor towards the end, and then to top it off, a peppery pungent mouthfeel. Everything is "relieved" by the velvety cardamom presence. I must admit, the "injection" of this spice has really made this "show" fresh again, a bit unconventional, for that better-groomed look. THE BEST GOLDEN MILK BAR I HAVE EVER TRIED!

Caramel Crack 45% dark milk chocolate

Dark milk chocolate set off with the "crack" of house-made maple toffee, using the finest Minnesota-harvested maple syrup straight from the sugar shack up the road.

Texture: Smooth bar studded with toffee bits.

Finish: This bar has a slow melt, accented with the butter from the maple toffee.

Flavor profile: caramel pudding with toffee bites crunchiness, and a welcoming hint of savoriness to balance the sweetness. It reminds me of "AlpenLiebe caramel candies"

Cafe au lait 60% dark milk chocolate

Ingredients: organic cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, whole milk powder, organic Ethiopia's coffee beans

Mocha aroma and taste with a nice caramelized flavor. Typical texture for coffee inclusion bars (a bit coarse).

Salty nibber 45% dark milk chocolate

I love the texture (softly crunchy with roasted cocoa undertones), persistent, savory, at first chocolatey with high caramelized milk notes. Very savory/salty in the aftertaste though.