Ingredients: Cacao mass, cane sugar, cacao butter, natural flavoring (sea salt).

Beans: Trinitario

Origin: Domenican Republic

Maker`s description:

Handcrafted with precious Trinitario beans from the Dominican Republic. This chocolate is made with pure and carefully selected organic and fair traded ingredients. It includes no additives, preservatives, or E-numbers and is 100% free of nuts, almonds, peanuts, soya, egg, and gluten.
As the thousands and thousands of islands spread out in the ocean by the archipelago, sea salt is carefully sprinkled on our 70% dark bar. The salty touch combined with the dark chocolate's rich start and fruity, almost flowery aroma are enhanced by the bar's unique map design, bringing you directly to the brisk and beautiful rugged nature of the Swedish archipelago.

This bar has a good snap. It did not impress me like the Wood Smoke 85% but, at the same time, the fragrant and less complex aroma are exalted by an appreciable return of mineral mouthfeel which in this case is salty.

Floral aroma, light scents of chocolate, and sea breeze for real.

Starting from a sweet bite wrapped in dried figs and apricots tasting notes, the sea salt crystals improve the flavor profile enhancing the chocolate complexion and sealing off the tasting experience with a soft-chewy "Caramelle Mou" lightly sprinkled with sea salt moment of enjoyment.

The aftertaste is salty, lithe, and elegant.

Recommended for salted caramel popcorn lovers!

Thank you Tales Chocolate for sending me this sample too.