Cacao Origin: Soma Dream Machine Blend (Dominican Republic, Madagascar, Haiti, Peru)

Ingredients: cacao nibs, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, spices, natural vanilla

Tasting notes: roasted cacao, spices, chili peppers, brownies, chocolate.

Maker`s description:

Our original spicy chocolate is a good way to awaken your senses. Dream Machine blend supplies the full round base of chocolate notes. The infusion of chili, ginger, cinnamon, orange peel, allspice, and vanilla unlocks an explosive parallel dimension of flavor. A potent reminder that the spice must flow... Noteworthy, the spice gives 3rd Stage Guild Navigators the ability to fold space and time.

Amazing tasting experience and one of the best chili dark chocolate bars I have ever tried.

The aroma is outstanding distinguished by voluptuous chocolate-spicy scents that are reawakening, to say the least.

The mouthfeel is warm and piquant but not exaggeratedly.

The palate is driven by a prompt opening of sweet spicy and hot chili pepper notes exploding in a refrain from the symphonic dark chocolate background.

Everything is on point and in perfect balance. I am totally shocked because of the harmonious taste and inventiveness of this maker who shows a real knack for slamming things most people dislike. Bravo!