Updated: Mar 26, 2020

International gold chocolate maker award 2015 and silver award 2016

Ingredients: cacao nibs, organic cane sugar, organic cacao butter.

Cacao beans "CRIOLLO SANTA BARBARA": porcelana/ocumare hybrid.

Origin: South of Lake Maracaibo, Estacion Chama, Venezuela.

Just a small amount of this rare cacao beans was released for export.

Amazing light brown color. Sharp snap. Rich cacao nuances both sides and when you break it, it releases light nectarine and nutty scents. Thanks to the ocumare beans you can detect a rich chocolate profile followed by more incisive floral and fruits notes. The bitterness and astringency are also higher compared to the elegant mildness of the porcelana criollo. Cocoa and coffee aromas, slightly nutty, earthy. The finish is quite strong but less chocolatey: orange blossom and grass aftertaste.

"It has a balanced mocha-like start thanks to the porcelana criollo followed by sweet nectarine and nuts. The finish is completely driven by the ocumare beans with a spicy zing aftertaste."

Curiosity: Venezuela name`s comes from the italian word "veneziola" which means "little venice". If you don`t know the native still houses in Lake Maracaibo reminded to Amerigo Vespucci Venice.

PS: I still remember when I called Jack of Chocolate Covered in San Francisco. During the phone call he mentioned this bar and the time stopped. I was looking for it for a long time. It`s a limited edition.