Solstice Vietnam Ben Tre 70%

Special Edition Dark Chocolate handcrafted from bean to bar in Utah, USA

Ingredients: cacao beans, organic cane sugar, cocoa butter

The right combination of craft expertise and premium cacao beans is a source of ultimate bliss for every connoisseur.

Solstice is an American Artisan Chocolate maker located in Salt Lake City, Utah. They believe cacao beans flavors represent a clear reflection of the territory where they grow and they are not wrong. A simple fruit allows us to travel back to the origin with an open mind in a world of magic exploring many stories that surround the legendary "food of the Gods".

I have already tried:

  • the Ecuador Camino Verde distinguished by delicate tasting notes like flowers, banana, papaya, walnut, almond, caramel, cream, and brownie;

  • the Wasatch Blend named after the Mountains Wasatch in Utah and known for a rich chocolate brownie-like mouth feel and taste.

Now it is time for a new adventure with a very special limited release, Vietnam Ben Tre.

Maker`s description:

Our special edition Vietnam bar is made with cacao from the Province of Ben Tre. This bar tastes exotic as the region it hails from, with notes of dates, pear, honey, and cinnamon.

Once again, this maker confirms my opinion: fragrant aroma, delicate flavor, and smooth texture ideal for milk chocolate lovers and the most greedy ones. So if you want to change your limits and switch something you actually like for a well balanced highly nutritious treat equally irresistible, Solstice is your answer. This bar is not bitter or astringent, but smooth, and creamy, with interesting and unusual pear and honey prevalent notes. Not very spicy.

Do you know Ben Tre Province is the cacao birthplace in Vietnam? Well, one day I will do an article about it involving the best worldwide - Vietnam representatives - craft chocolate makers.