Updated: Mar 26, 2020

American Artisan Chocolate Maker

Handcrafted from bean to bar in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Organic ingredients: cacao bean, cane sugar, cocoa butter.

Camino Verde estate is a farm located near the southern coastline of Ecuador.

The cacao beans of this bar is very aromatic and sweet.

The snap is clean and light. The scents are amazing on the back of the bar where you can sense a lot of coconut nuances. It is also very smooth and creamy with a nice cool mouthfeeling. Indeed from the beginning to the end this bar is distinguished by fresh cream notes. The flavor profile is very delicate: sweet cocoa, banana, caramel, light brown sugar, fresh cream. Leather undertones. I don` t detect bitterness or astringency.

It is perfect for a coffee break (but not for baking).

A blonde brownie with abundant semi sweet chocolate chips.