Ingredients: 48% cocoa butter, DELACTOSED milk powder 37%, cane sugar, coffee powder 2,5%

White chocolate is chocolate? Yes, when it is made in the right way! Let me clear the concept with this stone-ground Ruket "Bianco & Caffe".

In this flavored white chocolate, the cocoa butter Criollo Peru is combined with cow milk and Arabica coffee grown at Hawassa, Etiopia. The delicate notes of cocoa butter blend quite well with the floral, citrus, and buttery coffee flavors. The result is intense and addicting.

Delicate appearance

Cappuccino color

Aroma: chamomille, vanilla, coffee, milk, salt

Mouthfeel: cool

Texture: creamy/coarse with a smooth finish

Snap: *****

Structure/Hardness: *******

Texture: *****

Roundness: *****

Sweetness: *******

Aromatic finesse: *****

Acidity: ***



Intensity: *******

Complexity: *****

Length/Aftertaste: *******

The tasting experience is bold, rich, wrapping, then buttery, and yet very dynamic.

Flavor profile: the first impression is sweet coffee syrup and vanilla ice cream until the salted caramel swirls show up with intensity, freely interviewing with the crystallized raw honey mouthfeel, coffee mocha, floral chamomille undertones, mild hints of opal apple and honey-like sweetness, lemon sugar freshness, buttery finish, and a touch of spiciness.

Aftertaste: peppery and coffee salted caramel

It is entertaining, it is interesting, it is insightful. Rise and grind people!

I would like to thank Ruket Chocolate who, with the collaboration of CocoaStore, sent me some samples to try.