Ground pine nuts and bean-to-bar dark chocolate

Ingredients: cacao, pine nuts, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter

Tasting notes: nutty, pine-y, earthy

Recommendation: best enjoyed with a big mug of coffee after a sunrise hike!

If you missed out my article about Ritual Chocolate, check it here Ritual Chocolate

However, I would like to add a brief maker presentation:

Our goal at Ritual is to revive the focus on quality. In doing this, we also support the people that grow our raw ingredients, the planet, and all of its inhabitants. Our small-batch fine chocolate is crafted at 7000 ft in Utah.

About this bar, Ritual Chocolate has added ground pine nuts to their mountain blend inspired by the local mountains and flavors to create a soft, smooth, and deliciously nutty bar.

Pine nuts are the seeds of Pinyon Pine trees that are native to Utah and grow in the pinyon-juniper woodlands in the picturesque rocky slopes and mesas of the Great Basin. Pine nuts are a true taste of our high, west locale.

About my tasting experience, today I was looking for a very special kind of chocolate journey. And Ritual simply never falls short of expectations. I have already tried many hazelnut/peanut inclusion dark chocolate bars but this is the first time a craft maker exhibits the same concept with "unusual" edible seeds.

In general, pine nuts are very high in oil with a rich buttery texture and a slightly resinous pine-like flavor that mitigates through characteristic sweetness after combined with other ingredients.

Aesthetically appealing and readable packaging, eye-catching and wild-type aroma able to offer a touch of nature with "classic" ingredients. Startling snap, soft-creamy texture, warm mouth feel. A concise and to the point sweet pine nuts chocolate taste followed by a surprisingly bitter piney-like long-lasting finish/aftertaste.

Pure, innovative, simple, and quite distinct which had driven me to experiment with paring elements as pink salt, crunchy toasted nuts, and Disaronno Amaretto that strive for greater complexity and possible evolution of flavors on the nose and the palate.

Thank you Anna Davis for this unique gift.

PS: I discovered coffee pairs well with it reducing/balancing the bitter aftertaste.