Limited Edition 75% dark chocolate


Ingredients: cacao, cane sugar, cocoa butter, old town cellars mountain town red wine, apple cider, honey, oranges, whole cloves, star anise, cinnamon.

Mulled wine is a spiced wine made with red wine, mulled spices, and fruits (as raisin). It is not served at the same temperature as the regular wine but warm or hot. Indeed this very special beverage was created by the Romans in the 2nd century. They used to heat the wine and drink it during the winter to keep their bodies warm. Since then it became very popular all over the world.

Nowadays it represents a Christmas tradition in many countries because of its cozy, fruity, spicy, and sweet taste. It is also combined with chocolate to make a flavorsome hot chocolate variant.

The general ingredients for this great alternative to fruit punch are red wine, fresh oranges, cinnamon (stick or grounded depending on the recipe), mulling spices (cloves, star anise, and, even, cardamom), sweetener (ex. maple syrup), optional extra liquor (brandy, cognac, bourbon).

Now the best red wine for such specialty drink should be young, fruity, and unoaked. That is why I believe Ritual chose to collaborate with Old Town Cellars winery. Not only they are a local Private Label Winery in the heart of Park City in Utah but also because they produce the perfect Mountain Town Red Wine Blend which is sourced in Oregon and blended in the mountains of Park City. It represents the company flagship distinguished by "notes of plum, violet and wild berry compote. All crowned by soft and supple tannins, bright acid, and a rounded fruit profile".

This bar is very aromatic yet delicate. I have to admit, reading the ingredients and the apple cider inclusion (instead of an optional liquor) or the star anise, I was a bit worried about the flavor. Instead, I am awed by the perfection behind it. A smooth blend of mellow flavors with striking warm spiciness.

Sharp snap, reddish color, smooth texture, warm mouthfeel, and extremely juiciness.

Since the beginning, you can notice a festive chorus of cinnamon, cloves, and citrusy taste.

Slowly the fruity designed chocolate flavor displays its spectacular charm leading you, not so quietly, to a clove honey finish with tons of spicy zest on the tongue and sticky mulled wine brownie feeling at the bottom of the throat.


In Ritual words:

This bar is one of a limited run. So enjoy it while it lasts.