Updated: May 26, 2020


Ingredients: cacao, organic cane sugar, dried raspberries, cocoa butter, sparkling white wine.

Ritual made this Valentine's Day celebration chocolate bar by "soaking Madagascar cacao nibs in sparkling white wine in a wine barrel, then grinding those nibs into the chocolate and topping it off with dried raspberries".

Let me tell you something, I'm starting to love Madagascar origin Trinitario cacao beans!

All the Ritual inclusion bars emphasize their natural aptitude for combining flavors highlighting ever more their craft chocolate talent that makes them renowned not only in Utah but all around the world.

The goodness of this masterpiece makes my heart ache which is a simplified sign of love.

It is also the culmination of their idea behind this signature recipe.

The front features a warm and reddish-brown color. The back is covered by powdery dried bits of raspberry. Sharp snap. The aroma is floral followed by classic red fruit scents. This paved the way for a Ritual bar tradition: the aroma hides what you can find when you immerse yourself in each chocolatey bite. Rich chocolatey tasting profile, floral and vanilla flavored notes, pungent warm ripe raspberries nuances, slightly bubbly mouthfeel finish followed by a hint of white grapes taste. What a twist!

Now I am sure you will end up with the urgent need of a glass of "Gewürztraminer" like me.

I am talking about a specialty spiced white wine which comes from a flavorful French-German noble white grapes. It is one of the most aromatic white wine that I fell in love with.

It has a light body, amazing floral bouquet palate, and elegant exotic fruit taste like pineapple, lychee, strawberries which are in perfect harmony with the opposite allspice tones.

In Ritual words:

This bar is one of a limited run. So enjoy it while it lasts.