Updated: Jun 30, 2020

This is one of the 200 Hidden Treasure made by Qantu Chocolat.

Rare cacao beans from Peru - Selva Central.

Ingredients: cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter.

They told me it is a natural cross between cacao and copoazu fruit. Precisely the Hidden Treasure "Cacao Sauvage" looks like cacao from the outside and like copoazu from the inside.

Soft snap. Burnt sienna color. Creamy butter fudge texture. Warm and embracing mouth feel.

I believe the percentage of white cacao beans is very high (you can tell by the color and the texture).

The chocolate is distinguished by a luxurious persistent mellow richness. The scents are light and floral with hints of vanilla and bread. It starts with an undecipherable chocolate taste, blonde brownie-like, which converges in sweet-tart balsamic flavor and slightly peppery feeling on the tip of your tongue. It follows a bit of astringency at the bottom of your throat. The sweet and sour cacao taste is very soft overall which is impressive for 8o% dark chocolate.

"It makes me dream about some peruvian fruits: cocona with the peppery taste of the pitahaya seeds and finish with mild dryness of the aguaje followed by subtle notes of pacay!"

Surely, it is one of a kind and any who tried would no doubt confirm to taste copoazu slightly acidic flesh aroma.

There are just a few trees of this rarity. So it`s a LIMITED EDITION. Of course, it`s expensive. But remember, in primis for the producer. We always forget the work behind each single-origin bar we are about to purchase and taste.

Enjoy this delicacy alone with soft light before bed time. A truly piece of heaven.