Cacao Origin: La Mar, Ayacucho, Peru

Ingredients: cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter, ancho rojo, aji amarillo, arbol peppers

Maker`s description:

Qantu is the discovery of the purest cocoa flavors. We scour Latin America seeking native cocoa beans with exceptional flavors. In our workshop, we transform the beans into a pure bliss that will never fail to surprise your palate.
To spice up your tastings, we created a bar that includes a selection of our favorite peppers: The famous Peruvian yellow pepper (Aji Amarillo), the tasty Ancho Rojo pepper and a touch of Chile Arbol hot pepper.

Sharp snap. Reddish-brown color. Impeccable presentation. Structurally delicate.

Qantu Chuncho is known for its floral and nutty flavor profile. In this case, the inclusions add a unique taste.

Excellent creamy texture. It is not just silky but literally liquefies in your mouth in no time. Mouthwatering, to say the least!

In the beginning, you can detect the influence of the Chuncho cacao beans: floral, nutty, sweet aroma, and taste with some differences because of the blend of DRIED Peruvian peppers. On the back, the scents are more pungent. The taste depends on what you are biting. But in general, it is surprisingly (because my expectations were different) fruity, yummy, a bit of heat but black pepper-like (not like actual super hot chili).

I believe the fruity touch comes from the Aji Amarillo - pepper with a bright orange color - which I have never tried before and I really love its distinctive subtle fruitiness like passion fruit and mango. Very exotic. Meanwhile, the Ancho Rojo pepper adds a raisin-like sweetness stretching forward the chocolatey experience with some smoky, earthy, and coffee-like notes. In conclusion, the Chile Arbol hot pepper is the one to define the real spiciness hot-like result very close to cayenne pepper but, I have to admit, tastier: nutty, grassy undertones and a quick acidic bite too. The chocolate has a subtle cool effect on the tongue too.

A complex elaboration all structured on multifaceted tasting notes with a different heritage that reaches the palate according to a gradual scale of flavors without strong contrast alternating warm-cool-warm sensations for the mouth.

Harry up because this is the last Qantu Peppers` Dance batch. Or maybe not?