Updated: Nov 19, 2020


SINGLE FARM from Maximo Medina our friend in Kimbiri, Cusco, Peru

Ingredients: cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter

Eye: dark brown

Nose: palo santo, a touch of pepper

Mouth: almond, cedar, pecan

Finish: moderate fruitness like blackcurrant

Maker`s description:

On his six hectares of mysterious and mountains sloping forest in Cusco, Peru, our hero Don Maximo plants, picks, ferments and dries the cacao himself. Then, in our workshop, we transform with a lot of love the fruits of his labor into pure bliss for the soul.

The cocoa for this chocolate comes from a single plantation, Bellavista, which belongs to our friend Don Máximo. A true cocoa aficionado and collector of varieties with unique peculiarities. He ferments and dries the cocoa beans himself, experimenting with different methods. Máximo has complete Qantu's admiration for his commitment to growing cocoa and preserving pure and rare varieties. In 2019, Máximo was so proud of his latest production that he refused to mix it with his other beans. When we discovered this micro-batch, we immediately knew that it was just what we needed to complete the Qantu product line 2020.

The appearance is dark brown with a matt finish. Good snap.

Woody, peppery, and tangy masculine aroma.

Creamy, juicy, and enough smooth mouthfeel.

The flavor profile is nutty, woody, interestingly sweet, with a well-balanced acidity during the tasting and citrusy-like bitterness finish. Not relevant astringency.

The beginning of a very short toasted bread with raw almond butter entrance immediately turns into fragrant crispiness, making the tasting experience alive and almost breathing.

In terms of acidity, the flavor reminds me of the Yuzu Bar Georgia Ramon: citrusy and slightly bitter. But it is much more than that because of the red currant participation. Exactly, the fruitiness of this bar in the medium palate brings back to me a brilliant tartness with very soft sweet undertones that, I think, are better represented by red currants rather than black currants. This bar shines with a red-Rubin "sophistication", no doubt!

In the end, it returns to dark notes like walnut skin bitterness, woody notes, and, lingering orange peel aftertaste on the tip of the tongue.

We find ourselves yet again edging towards Qantu greatness that emanates from Peruvian Cacao. Thank you, Elfi for this precious gift.

Illustration by Natascha Baumgärtner