Patric Piura Peru 67%

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

American Handcrafted Chocolate

Ingredients: cacao, organic cane sugar, cocoa butter

International Chocolate Awards 2013 Silver Medal

Maker`s tasting notes: ruby grapefruit, toasted almond, sundried wine grapes.

The Patric Chocolate Team describe this very limited edition with these words:

One of the great joy of being craft chocolate makers is that every year we can work on many exciting limited edition chocolate bars. This chocolate is one such delicacy. Enjoy the results of precise roasting, careful refining and the judicious use of only a handful of fine ingredients, but don`t enjoy them too slowly, as this limited edition bar won`t be around for long!

The light brown color reminds me of dark chocolate ice cream mixed with cinnamon and almond paste. The snap is good. The texture is creamy like a pudding with a slightly gritty finish too, somewhat akin to the experience of rough ground chocolate. I expected a richer flavor profile. Instead, I experienced a mellow and delicate taste: chocolate-vanilla aroma enriched by floral nuances, flavorful and creamy Sicilian "Mandorle d` Avola" milk, sweet and tangy ruby grapefruit background, some sour slightly bitter undertones and a refreshingly juicy finish (white grapes like).