Patric Chocolate Triple Ginger

American Handcrafted Chocolate

Dark Milk chocolate, candied ginger, ginger sugar & ginger essential oil.

Good Food Award Winner 2018

Ingredients: cacao, ginger sugar (organic cane sugar, ginger), organic cocoa butter, organic candied ginger (organic baby ginger, organic cane sugar), whole milk powder, sea salt, fresh ginger essential oil, organic lemongrass essential oil.

Maker's description: I was moved to create dark milk chocolate bristling with spicy ginger character, and sprinkled with bits of crunchy-chewy candied baby ginger. One bite and you will be under the spell of this intoxicating ginger rhizome, just like me! Enjoy, Alan "Patric" McClure.

This bar has a brilliant milk chocolate color: golden-caramel like. The aroma evokes light yet pervasive sweet ginger nuances. The sharp snap is astounding. Creamy and cool mouthfeel. I was concerned about the tasting experience expecting a strong flavor profile. Instead, I discovered a very harmonious and delicate ginger experience. However, not truly chocolatey. The label states dark/milk but based on the color and the flavor the cacao content should be less than 50%. But considering the specialty inclusions (sweetener and oils), the possibility here of a "camouflaged" dark/milk is plausible. I find brilliant the lemongrass addiction giving a balanced freshness to the zesty and biting warm ginger taste. If you will ever try this bar, keep in mind you will not detect the typical citrusy or lemony/minty lemongrass aromatic notes. Just an admirable supple and crisp mouthfeel that doesn't overpower the other elements.

Comparing it with the Lonohana dark/milk ginger 50%, I prefer the Patric Triple Ginger because the milk-dairy taste is not perceptible. Meanwhile, if I think about fine cacao and its influence in terms of flavor my favorite is the Hawaiian maker bar. Indeed the Lonohana bar chocolate character derived from the blend of Ecuador and Honduras cacao origin is stronger. Looked at this point of view, the presence/contrast of whole milk powder accentuates, even more, the ginger spiciness.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a fifty/fifty!

I can just recommend both of them. Of course, if you do not mind some vibrant sweetness in your life!

Ps: in my opinion, the only downside to this signature recipe is the size of the candied baby ginger pieces. Amazingly soft - is not as common as you think - but overly large compromising the integrity of the bar and packaging difficulties.