Updated: May 19, 2020

American Handcrafted Chocolate

Smooth Dark Chocolate & Espresso Bean Blend - 63% Cocoa + 2% Espresso Beans

Ingredients: cacao, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, espresso beans

Good Food Award Winner 2014

Kaldi's Coffee's award-winning Espresso 700 blend

I have been dying to try some Patric chocolate bars for a while and I am glad I finally did.

I find this inclusion bar truly amazing. It carries the kind of flavors I want in my mocha vegan latte or espresso shot. See, I dislike fruit taste in coffee. On the other hand, I love it with rich chocolate and caramel flavor matched with a smooth/creamy body.

Patric's mold style has caught my eyes from the start. I find it very identifying the quality of the brand and, in this specific case, the triple-swirl pattern on the back border on perfection.

Shining mocha brown color. Nice snap. Extremely immersive buttery texture. Soft roasted coffee aroma. Sweet mocha flavor with a lot of coffee-caramelized notes and a slightly chocolate background. The mouthfeel starts with a cozy-warm sensation to develop an all-embracing cool creamy finish. Intense roasted profile and predictable coffee-like acidic aftertaste. Aromatic caramel cremeux at the bottom of the throat, expressive spicy coffee lovely notes dancing across the palate.

Are you ready for a chocolate caramel espresso pudding?

Remember, in the simplicity hides the divine!