Patric Black Licorice Bar 67%

American Handcrafted Chocolate - Good Food Award

Dark Chocolate, Organic Licorice & Organic Anise

Ingredients: cacao, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic anise seed, sea salt, licorice extract from organic licorice root.

Alan Patric McClure description:

After months spent creating the perfect house-made black licorice extract, I combined it with anise seed and a hint of sea salt, the combination of which is truly eye-opening and tongue-tickling.

How about we start with the fact that I have been wondering for the last few years if I was going to like dark chocolate with licorice natural flavor or as inclusion.

Well, there we are: once again Patric reminds me how useful the knowledge of raw materials actually is.

I fell madly in love with this bar. Not for its chocolate taste but, lo and behold, this craft chocolate maker showed me a story about a licorice ring flying too close to the sun that burns to a crisp "tongue-tickling" effect.

As you will notice, it doesn't look shiny and bright. Indeed it is lightly bloomed and the color is off. Despite that, it still got a nice taste. The snap is hard and the melt is slow. The mouthfeel is like a licorice hard juice stick in regard to both its texture and flavor.

The two inclusion ingredients play perfectly together making up the whole tasting profile balanced by subtle chocolate background: sweet-fragrant aroma with mild licorice notes.

As for the cacao matter, there is not too much to say: the duo of sea salt and cacao complement this signature recipe by harmonizing complex flavors to experience the best it can be for the aftertaste left on the palate.