Cacao Origin: Pangoa, Peru

Ingredients: organic cocoa beans, whole milk powder, organic cane sugar, Rica Rica herb

Notes: rare, rustic, and mildly minty wild herb from the world`s driest desert.

Maker`s description:

We infuse our traditional dark milk chocolate with an aromatic herb from northern Chile known as Rica Rica that couldn't have a more precise name. Endemic to the Atacama Desert, this plant has a delicate and exotic aroma and flavor. It comes to us through Patricia Pérez, collector of the indigenous community of Toconao, thanks to which we can savor these flavors, but also all the ancestral wisdom that surrounds them. This herb offers flavors of mint and fresh rosemary.

Hard snap. Creamy and smooth mouthfeel (better than the plain Obolo dark/milk bar).

The flavor profile is interesting. Since the beginning, it showcases a strong dairy taste with great sweetness evolved on gentle fruity undertones. Only towards the end, the Rica Rica herb marks its presence with an herbal flavor more like dried mint and rosemary instilling an astringent effect at the bottom of the throat.

It is not among my favorite tasting experience.