Updated: Jun 9, 2020

This bar represents the perfect cross between Nacional and Criollo cacao beans.

It is the result of the collaboration between Eclat Chocolate and Fruition Chocolate Works.

Ingredients: cocoa beans, cane sugar.

It is named after the farmer NOE VASQUEZ who is the only producer to grow the largest cocoa bean variety known to northern Peru.

This particular bean has just 1-day harvest window due to the unusually large cocoa beans and the cocoa pod`s thin husk.

Sharp snap. Pecan brown color. Amazing light floral and roasted nuts nuances. Smooth and fudge texture. High roast profile. Toasted nuts and spicy taste like rich unsweetened cinnamon. Grassy undertones from the Nacional genetic part. I don`t detect a lot of fruitness as the not unusual winey aroma of the Peruvian Criollo. Maybe dried plums or black grapes imperceptible undertones. Black caramel subtle notes which happen to be less sweet and more bitter. Fresh dairy-cream background in perfect symbiosis with the whole mouthfeel experience and tasting profile. Think about your cup of black coffee with a touch of full-fat plain creamer in the morning. Think about an extra dark hot chocolate mug topped with a large toasted marshmallow and just a sprinkle of unsweetened cinnamon.

Let us pause to contemplate the idea of the richest S`mores on the planet: homemade chocolate graham crackers, roasted mouthwatering marshmallow, a layer of roasted raw hazelnut butter and the best irresistible piece of rare fine chocolate in the world.

Intense cocoa powder character.

Impressive hot black coffee acidity aftertaste - burning tongue and acidic coffee-like effect at the bottom of the throat.

Sophisticated bitterness to match any high cacao content chocolate tasting challenge.

NB: I prefer Criollo variety for high cacao content without any doubt because of its mellow yet complex flavor profile. To prove my theory, I encourage you to cross-check other single-origin variety as Fiji Matasawelevu (70% to 80%) with a high-quality Criollo bar.

I bet you will agree with me!

PS: It pairs well with brandy.