Ingredients: cacao, cane sugar, pure cacao butter.

Flavor profile: fruity, nutty, smooth.

Maker`s description:

Madagascar grows rare and unique fine flavour cocoa, less than 0.1% of the world cacao production. Aromatic and taste diversities have developed and adapted to the special environment of soil, flora, and climate in Madagascar. Fine criollo cacao was first introduced to Madagascar in 1822, from La Reunion island. The combination of the natural minerals, soils, microclimate, flower and fauna and topography provide a unique biome or "terrior" where the fine cocoa has evolved to produce its very special fruity flavour characteristic.

I read about the cacao beans, "the beans in this bar are a blend from the upper and lower regions of the Sambirano Valley in Madagascar. They are very different from typical Madagascan cacao, bringing a tangy, creamy, almost tobacco-like aftertaste instead of the expected Madagascan fruitiness". What I notice is the absence of bitterness with a nice creamy sweet profile that makes the persistence aromatic, long and intriguing.


Every aspect of this bar whisper to me this kind of feeling other than the hard snap.

Dark-milk brown color. Faint red fruits aroma with a peculiar sweet cream scent and interesting honeysuckle notes like neroli and vanilla. Who doesn`t like Neroli fragrance???

It slowly unravels the unpredictable character as it embarks on a seemingly larger than plain ordinariness Madagascar journey.

Creamy and refreshing mouthfeel. The palate is promptly transported across dark milk flavor (sweetened) embussing auras with a tangy fruitiness. Think about a chocolate cremeux complemented by a dollop of red fruit puree. The opening consciousness is accomplished instantly-by one stroke of mocha finish. Long tobacco aftertaste with some citrusy vibes and a hint of raspberry on the tip of the tongue.

Just fiery might can at the last moment bestow new life. This is what Domantas through his Naive selection teaches me.

If you like Pump Street Milk Madagascar 58%, you will enjoy this bar as well.