Updated: Oct 17, 2020


Are you ready for the most whimsical and deliciously fanciful tasting experience?

If you are ready to jump in, I would be happy to introduce you to the innovative Naive Molecules Chocolate Creations.

In general:

Molecules is the most innovative product on the craft chocolate market. Cacao has an extraordinary chemical composition and it is a great natural source of for endocannabinoids, opiates and stimulants. The therapeutic dose of these chemicals can alter brain chemistry and induce chocolate euphoria. In cooperation with scientists, Naive have developed the process of preserving the abundant quantity of endorphins, antioxidants, trace minerals and vitamins naturally present in cacao.
Molecules cacao grows in the valley of Machu Picchu, where the Andes meet the rainforest-clad lowlands, and it is recognized as one of the rarest and best cacao in the world. This indigenous cacao has unique chemical composition that correlates with the biodiversity flourishing in the biologically complex area od the high rainforest of Cusco.
Did you know that a fresh cacao bean consists of more than 300 phytochemicals and nearly four times the antioxidant power of regular dark chocolate? We have worked out a way to preserve these antoxidants within the chocolate, and with concentration of up to 1/4 the total mass. Almost 9 grams in total phenolic compounds and phytochemicals per serving - 30 times the RDA! Molecules chocolate is also packed with fatty acids, calcium, carotene, thiamin, riboflavin, magnesium, sulfur and other microelements that modulate the immune system.

About each bar:

  1. Bioactive 75% Dark Chocolate - Uplifting and Stimulating - 100% Heriloom Cacao - Sugar Free - High in cacao antioxidants and endocannabinoids - Ingredients: molecules cacao, organic erythritol, organic pure cacao butter, zinc. It contains a unique cocktail of mind-altering chemicals that catalyze the release of serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins in our brains: therapeutic doses of copper, magnesium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, chromium, zinc, and more. The neuroactive chemicals of cacao peak in the blood 2-3 hours after ingestion, and have a half-life of up to 7 to 12 hours. Naive handle their cacao beans in a particular way to protect them from degradation. Naive states: "Cacao antioxidants can change the way you think, perform and feel". About my tasting experience, this bar has a sharp snap and a pleasant chocolate minerality aroma. After the first bite, it gives an instant refreshing artic mouth feel that prolongs it towards mineral and lightly savory flavor. Think about magnesium supreme! The sophisticated chocolate aftertaste, dry mouth, and tingling tongue.

  2. Purple Chocolate 72% - Immune Protective - Enhancing and Modulative - 100% Heirloom cacao - Sugar Free - High in cacao antioxidants - with Medicinal Mushrooms - Ingredients: Molecules Purple Cacao, organic erythritol, organic pure cacao butter, organic reishi extract 30%, organic Chaga extract 30%, organic cordyceps CPA3. This bar contains a unique cocktail of immune-stimulating chemicals that catalyze the immunity in different pathways. About the medicinal mushrooms, they may positively influence the gut microbiota (improving protection against pathogens), they support immune health by enhancing the innate and adaptive immune responses, they may also modulate the immune response, thereby exerting anti-allergic effects. Specifically, Reishi mushroom contains more than 100 oxygenated triterpenes, many of which exhibit a marked effect on the activity of NK cells. Chaga mushroom helps regulate the production of cytokines, supporting the immune system by helping cells communicate with each other. Cordyceps polysaccharides and adenosine promotes immune regulation and enhances bacteriostatic activity. About the effect of this bar, the protective chemicals peak in the blood will happen 1-2 hours after ingestion and have a half-life of up to 8 hours.

  3. Purple Chocolate 72% - Antiviral - Protective and Supportive - 100% Heirloom cacao - Sugar Free - High in cacao antioxidants, endocannabinoids, minerals, and vitamins - Ingredients: molecules purple cacao, organic erythritol, organic pure cacao butter, bovine colostrum 30%*, black garlic*, echinacea extract*, zinc orotate (*wild or all-natural farming). Naive states "despite the progress made in immunization and drug development, many viruses lack preventive vaccines and efficient antiviral therapies. Natural alternatives are proving capable of fighting off many common viral threats as the strongest viral defense and treatment comes from food, herbs, and supplement that build up the antiviral immunity" which is the goal of this bar! It activates natural immunity and enhances vaccination-induced response, providing stronger protection against viral infections and disease onset. Immunoglobulins in bovine colostrum bind to disease-causing pathogens on the mucosal surfaces of the GI tract, thereby preventing them from colonizing and causing infection. Black garlic contains a high dose of nitrogen oxide and sulfuric acid, which have strong antiviral and antitumor effects. Echinacea possesses potent antiviral activities, at non-cytotoxic concentrations, particularly against membrane-containing viruses. Zinc orotate acts as direct antiviral, as well as a stimulant of antiviral immunity. The protective chemicals peak of this specialty happen 1-2 hours after ingestion and have a half-life of up to 8 hours.

As you might have guessed:

Molecules chocolate is dedicated to the people who want to hack their own biology.

In my opinion, the tasting guidelines would be to start with the bioactive bar, then the immune protective and antiviral curative options. The addition of ingredients strengthens, even more, the mineral notes enhancing the pungent finish.

And on a more personal note, my favorite is the Immune Protective Purple Dark Chocolate 72%. I love the influence of the medicinal mushrooms in terms of aroma and flavor profile.