Wild or all-natural farming ingredients: specialty cacao, sugar, cacao butter, grass-fed milk powder, imperial stout (malt, hops, barley)

Domantas Uzpalis` description:

I made a promise to myself to stop with the new recipe R+D because I thought I already developed everything I wished for. But this recipe patiently waited for its moment. It was calibrating. brewing and quietly finishing in the oak barrels sitting there in the dark for two long years. I was refusing to touch it as deep in my heart I knew that I will break my promise. Ladies and gentlemen, let me present you the alpha and omega of beer chocolate. This hedonistic Imperial Stout chocolate recipe is the zenith of my career as a chocolatier. Cheers!

About the Forager Collection, it is madly experimental and multilayered. At first, Naive deconstruct all the ingredients and then combines them back to form a one-of-a-kind chocolate bar with "patented" flavors. With this collection, the maker has created a new way of introducing flavors into the chocolate by using locally sourced and intense ingredients refined into a chocolate bar for them to naturally extend the complex chemical flavor composition of cacao.

About this NOBLE BEER CHOCOLATE, it is made in-house with organic specialty cacao, which is mixed in certain proportions to form a clean, rich, and flavorful base. The blend formulation is classified but Domantas assures it is top quality and it fits perfectly with Chocolate Naive standards and values.

This particular project was born in 2015, and it took two years to develop the full bouquet of flavors of the final product. The beer was brewed in a brewery est.1784, by the master brewer himself, and then aged in Bourbon oak barrels to form its extravagant identity. Then Domantas took over the morph of this beer into something completely new again.

Maker`s flavor profile description: distilled sweetness with a hint of coffee, burned caramel, hazelnuts, vanilla, and mushrooms. Very complex and dynamic with numerous hidden nuances. Impressive aftertaste.

Maker`s pairing recommendations

A few obvious options come to mind to pair this chocolate: the first and most obvious one is to pair it with Imperial Stout itself (tip: serve the beer at room temperature for the best-tasting experience). Second, you can try whiskey (smooth, sweet whiskey pairs best with this chocolate bar).

Shiny and homogeneous on the surface

Medium brown color

Aroma: faint beer scents, mocha, caramel, tiramisu, heather flower

Mouthfeel: warm

Texture: smooth and coarse (considering the inclusion, the coarse texture works out nicely)

Snap: good ****

Structure/Hardness: ****

Texture: *****

Roundness: ******

Sweetness: ****

Aromatic finesse: *****


Astringency: *

Bitterness: ** (in the aftertaste)

Intensity: ****** (but very sweet in the beginning)

Complexity: *******

Length/Aftertaste: *******

Flavor profile (My impressions)

This is a double experience with only one ticket: on one hand, we are in awe at human`s imaginative skills, on the other at the artist`s mastery. In this, your material bestowal in the likeness of the "flesh", you are about to experience the final enlightenment of a time-relish Creator, the dual experience of working within the nature of man with the aim to overwhelm the pleasure centers of your brain, tantalizing you with one magical note after another, and pushing you to your celebratory brink. It seems to me that I have finally discovered the pinnacle of success in the chocolate-beer-inclusion field. The design is very nice, at first glance to reaffirm the excellence of Made-by-Naive. Elegant and delicate nose; the first taste reveals its smooth, seductive appeal, then it opens fully to its sweet caramelized hazelnuts, toffee, malted milk, and tiramisu flavors creating a tight finish by wrapping the palate around a subtle vanilla-flavored bittersweet coffee mouthfeel (nor astringent, nor acidic). The evolution in the aftertaste showcases, even more, the distinctive qualities classic to the Imperial Stout Beer: toasted malt, bittersweet chocolate, slight spicy hops, and, strikingly for me, star anise mouthwatering ultimate sensation (licorice-like and slightly sweet). What a journey, what "beauties" observed, what emotions experienced... You don't know what a roller coaster this has been!

Values expressed in stars from 1 to 8. If the bar is extraordinarily close to perfection, I can go up to 10.