Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Do you like dark/milk chocolate? Do you know there are multiple variants?

Every craft chocolate maker has a personal approach and, I believe, the most significant yet drastic is the sugar-free kind where the contrast of flavors between the cacao origin/variety and the (usually) grass-fed milk powder lifts up your palate towards the natural aspect of both elements. A marriage of "light and heat", a combination of unusual simplicity.

But you can find some extravagant makers as Naive who prefer a more subtle method: higher cacao content (compared to milk chocolate), sugar, and flavorsome inclusions (or not) to burst the final result in terms of sensory adventure.

Let`s describe these two signatures Naive recipes - forming part of the EQUATOR COLLECTION* - starting from the dark/milk selection.


Organic ingredients: specialty cacao, sugar, cacao butter, grass-fed milk powder, 10% golden berries.

Maker`s description:

All the best recipes are a little bit adventurous, and this chocolate bar is no exception: succulent, sour, piquant, and tender all at once - many little secrets are hidden inside of this box. The ripe berry flavors provoke goosebumps and rosy cheeks, and the creamy dark chocolate tingles other hidden pleasure centers. It is going to be a tempestuous culinary affair, so get ready for an adventure of the tongue.

Great texture yet less creamy compared to other Naive bars I have already tried. So it takes time to be tasted properly as a result of the golden berry powder inclusion.

A very aromatic tasting experience for both aroma and flavor: fruity, spicy, citrusy enriched by the amazing yet soft dairy flavor of grass-fed milk powder. Even if golden berries are well known for their mild acidic tomato-pineapple attribute, in this case, Domantas gives you the opportunity to experience a different yet exciting chocolate journey towards a more sweetish version of the fruitness verging on a mango-pineapple tropical punch (less tart than it should be). Long finish "piquant" aftertaste while maintaining a light and elegant milk background.


Let`s just assume that I do not appreciate dark chocolate with pronounced licorice notes and I feel the exact same thing for stevia-sweetened bars, right?

Well, exceptional culinary expertise makes the difference!

Maker`s description:

The deep and dark roots of licorice suck the flavor from the deep oceans of the cosmos. Complex and extraordinary licorice aftertaste develops slowly by connecting to citrusy orange flavor particles through their roots. When the time is ripe, these flavor particles are carefully transferred into a dark chocolate bar. The symbiosis of licorice, orange, and chocolate is so special because it is a combination that cannot be received with indifference - this combination is only for the bravest among us!

...and I guess I am one of them. LOVE AT FIRST BITE!

Organic ingredients: specialty cacao, sugar, cacao butter, 10% licorice, 5% orange peel, 1% orange oil, sea salt.

When you open it you can smell the striking aroma of sweet licorice along with the orange oil bright essence reminiscent of blossoming orchards of orange trees. Instant sweet-tangy orange flavor over a layer of pervasive chocolate-licorice filling. The licorice aftertaste develops slowly until it rises up at the end with all its sophisticated strength for a few minutes. Then it disappears almost overcome by the citrusy orange peculiarity.

I firmly believe that the highlight of this bar is the orange peel and oil crafting a magnificent balance between the vigorous licorice character and the specialty cacao used.

*The Equator collection concept is to use ingredients that come from a single ecosystem because each one is made of water, minerals, and soil which are perfectly blended together.