Updated: Oct 30, 2020



Ingredients: cacao, cane sugar, grass-fed milk powder, pure cocoa butter

Flavor profile: floral, fruity, with notes of caramel and vanilla.

Maker`s description:

Nestled along the river Huayabamba at the edge of the Peruvian Amazon, the farmers survey a landscape that’s entirely different than it was 15 years ago. In 1994, a United Nations program made it possible for these farmers to begin replacing their illegal coca crops (used to make cocaine) with cocoa, releasing them from an oppressive, volatile, and often dangerous relationship with drug traffickers. Now the farmers not only grow some of the best cacao in the world, but they also help to regenerate their ecosystem.

Sadly, I can`t enjoy this Naive Nano_Lot but I recognize the quality and the flavor profile seems to be very representative of Peruvian cacao. I detect the fruitness and dairy notes with some sourness but based on the powdery mouthfeel and the blooming does not just rely on my words. Just try for yourself.

I just would like to point it out to you hoping you will be lucky to taste the bar at its full potential and in perfect condition.

Personally, I think not all chocolate is suitable for baking or hot chocolate remedies. But let`s be honest, sometimes it is just a merely commercial excuse to face consumers' issues.

I actually tried to use bloomed products to make hot chocolate and, most of the time, it is not enough to cover the defect. Especially regarding dairy inclusion.

NB: I did not purchase this bar directly from the Chocolate Maker.