Organic Ingredients: cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter.

About the bean to bar chocolate maker, Millesime Chocolat is based in Liege, in Belgium.

They affirm to be the only one to produce exclusive vintage chocolate, from a very precise origin and geography:

We work only with the beans from exceptional plantations with a unique range of sensory properties. We never blend harvests, origins, or vintages. Our beans grow on the trees which respect the ancestral genetics of cocoa trees. We produce vintage chocolate that bears the date of the bean harvest. Like the grape varieties or the terroir, the climate influences the taste characteristics of the beans from season to season. Depending on the country, depending on the climate, depending on the region, the harvests do not happen at the same time. Near the equator, cocoa trees produce almost all year round. The further we go, the more marked are the harvest seasons. In the Northern Hemisphere, there are two harvest periods: the "big harvest" from October to February and the "small harvest" from March to June. In the southern hemisphere, it is just the opposite. For us, the vintage is a point of reference, because it allows us to judge the evolution of cocoa in relation to the local climatic conditions of the harvest year.

Maker`s description:

These beans are harvested in Kilombero Valley, in the Morogoro region. The beans reveal fruity notes as well as pleasant woody notes. The cocoa is processed in the small village of Mbingu, the Swahili paradise. Kokoa Kamili supports farmers to guarantee them a fair income and develop the typicality of Tanzanian cocoa.

About the vintage bean to bar concept, a lot of craft chocolate makers stick admirably to the same "Harvest" formula.

About the bar, I decided to find and taste Millesime Chocolat after an uncomfortable conversation. I have been told to be ridiculous because I do not think their packaging is stunning. When we talk about aesthetics, I think we should watch our tone.

Now I confirm it is still not my favorite. I am the kind of woman who likes skydiving, bungee jumping and I tattooed the "Navajo" on my back. So yes, it is too simple for me and, I still prefer, just to name a few, Georgia Ramon, Jordis, and Soma.

This is the second bar I tried. Unfortunately, if you have followed my Instagram stories, the Pistachios Nougatine was hardly bloomed with a very unpleasant taste. Instead, the Tanzanie 90% has an impeccable shiny look, hard snap, dusty texture. I recognize the surprisingly delicate flavor profile in terms of astringency and bitterness. But the tasting notes are not thrilling. Woody aroma and mouthfeel, slightly fruity without any complexity.