Metiisto Tenaru 67%

Bean-to-bar chocolate maker from Toowomba, Australia

Gold Academy of Chocolate Award 2019

Australian Food Awards Gold 2019

Ingredients: cocoa bean, sugar, cocoa butter.

I do not know you but I have always been curious about this maker. So I took this opportunity to ask some questions to Trevor to provide detailed information for any chocolate lover still running all day about our shared passion.

First of all, the name Metiisto means "Esperanto" for an artisan.

About the mold, T. told me:

"When I closed Metiisto in Sweden I was finished with chocolate. But the idea of starting again to produce craft chocolate never left me. When we moved to Australia, I got a regular job and I tried setting things up. One day, while I was looking through Gumtree, I found a used chocolate making machine on sale not very far from my new home. We decided to buy it straightaway. That`s how Metiisto was reborn. The mold represents my sketch of the interior of that machine simbolizing the roots of our family owned business."

The Trinitario cocoa beans used for this bar are grown in small farms in the Tenaru region outside of Honiara in the Solomon Islands where they are fermented and sun-dried.

T. calls this bar:

My pacific Madagascar.

And he is not wrong!

Medium brown color. Nice snap. Warm mouthfeel. Creamy-fudgy texture.

Like some Madagascar origins I’ve tried, the aroma is very chocolatey and vanilla-flavored, with nuances of peanut, citrus, and red fruit. The tasting experience starts with a hint of wood and a delicious roasted peanuts flavor. Think peanut butter cup! Next, it introduces tangy red fruits (sweet and sour cherry taste) against a harmonious, citrusy background. Pleasant sweetness with a subsequent peppery feeling on the tongue then gradually progresses to a warming sensation on the palate and astringency at the bottom of the throat.

PS: I spotted a "weird" yet lovely sweet chestnut presence in the second act, clearly making its presence known, while fruitiness maintained its rule over the flavor profile as a whole.

It matches well with a superfood plant-based chai latte.

Highly recommended.