Single origin Vietnam 65% dark chocolate bars only available at Maison Marou in Saigon.

I tasted the cashewnut praline, the candied chili, the feuillantine and the candied ginger.

All these bars look very striking. They have in common the vietnam cacao honey taste with a very light chocolate background.

Cashewnut praline: I experienced "loss of flavor". The layer inside is very attractive unlike the taste. I expected an explosion of flavors on the palate but I believe the cashewnut praline layer loss fresh aroma over time.

Candied chili: it is hot! For sure this bar is not for everyone. The sugary part helps to reduce the heating point but it still is quite strong.

Feuillantine: I love the addicting wafer-like texture of this bar. Not very aromatic, I miss some spicy zest like vanilla or cinnamon but if you are a"kit kat" lover, you should try at least once.

Candied ginger: the tasting experience begins with an important but not long-lasting spicy flavor followed by aromatic sweet and worm ginger nuances. The finish is clean and simple but the ginger pieces are pretty hard.

My favorite are the candied ginger for the taste and the feuillantine for the texture.

Overall, I am not particularly impressed by this Marou collection. What about you? I love to hear different thoughts from someone with a different palette :)