Updated: Feb 3

Chocolate Ancestral del Ecuador

Lua is a tree-to-bar chocolate maker based in Guayaquil, Ecuador. They work with the finest and most aromatic cocoas known in the world on their farm located in Chone, Manabí. Their chocolate is loaded with very special energy, completely influenced and commanded by the lunar phases and the entire ecosystem that surrounds it. With more than 140 years old, the LUA Chone edition, Harvest 2019, takes us to the origins of cocoa, with a unique and unmatched flavor and aroma. After cultivating their cocoa beans, they ferment the beans in fine laurel wood to later dry them in the most careful way possible.

Thanks to an amazing woman (Elemento Cacao on Instagram), they sent me a sample bar to taste which is the Chocolate Chone 75%.

La Gran Barra Dorada de los Ecuador Chocolate Awards 2019

Silver Medal Academy Of Chocolate 2020

Limited Edition Cosecha 2019

Cacao Origin: Chone, Marabi

Ingredients: cacao and organic cane sugar

Packaging: ecologic packaging based on sugar cane fiber

Not very shiny and homogeneous on the surface

Rich Dark Brown color *******

Aroma: sweet and floral

Mouthfeel: warm

Texture: thick with a smooth finish

Snap: hard

Structure/Hardness: *******

Texture: ****

Roundness: ******

Sweetness: *****

Aromatic finesse: ****

Acidity: ** (finish/aftertaste)

Astringency: ***

Bitterness: **** (finish)

Intensity: ****

Complexity: ****

Length/Aftertaste: *****

Flavor profile: this bar is surprisingly sweet and floral which reminds me of the delicate yet aromatic taste of "Jasmine milk tea". Indeed, the thick mouthfeel and the soft early palate are reminiscent of "Unsweetened Dark Milk chocolate" (with a cocoa percentage between 50% and 70%) followed by a smooth Jasmine flavor combined with a slight honey glaze. Towards the end, I detect subtle nutty tannic undertones followed by a warmly appreciated citrusy finish.

In general, the texture is heavy with a clean assertive taste, regaling sensations of softness and good balance. It is not among the most complex, but very pleasant.

Thank you so much to Lua Chocolate and Fernanda Bravo.

Values expressed in stars from 1 to 8. If the bar is extraordinarily close to perfection, I can go up to 10.