50% Dark Milk Chocolate

Cacao Origin: Honduras & Ecuador

Ingredients: cacao, organic cocoa butter, organic cane sugar, organic whole milk powder, ginger oil.

Maker`s description: "for this bar, we seasoned 50% dark milk chocolate with just the right amount of ginger essential oil to create a luscious and ginger spicy caramel confection. The creaminess of the dark milk is a perfect companion to the subtle hint of ginger."

Lonohana Estate Chocolate farms cacao and makes chocolate on O`ahu, Hawaii. So it is a TREE-TO-BAR chocolate maker. The concept, at the basis of their project, is "to share how this cherished food can be honestly and peacefully grown and hand-crafted by a completely unique type of chocolate company".

About this bar, as the first time, I confess I am positively impressed.

Sharp snap. Cedar brown color. Creamy texture. Floral and ginger aroma. Cool mouthfeel.

It starts with a very gentle flavor profile. But wait for the aromatic explosion of the zesty, sweet and warm ginger oil distinguished by the slightly pungent and woody aftertaste. Besides I prefer single-origin bars, I find interesting the blend of the cacao origin variety selected. Actually, in this case the maker could not have made a better choice!

Indeed the Ecuadorian plays a big role in delivering amazing grassy, caramel, spicy, and floral notes for straightening even further the spicy-latte standpoint of this bar. Meanwhile, the Honduran part emphasizes the fresh, floral, woody chocolate background.

The dairy taste is perceptible but it is harmonious and in line with what the tasting experience should be:

Milk chocolate ginger dome dessert.

Lonohana certainly has my attention. What about you?

Delightful not-too-milk yet not-too-dark chocolate bar.