International Chocolate Awards - World Silver Award 2017

International Chocolate Awards - Triple MMM Judges Award 2017

International Chocolate Awards - USA Gold 2017

International Chocolate Awards - Americas Silver 2017

Academy of Chocolate 2017 Gold Award Winner

Ingredients: cacao beans, organic raw cane sugar, organic cacao butter

Letterpress is an award-winning bean-to-bar chocolate maker based in Los Angeles, California. It was founded in 2014 with the purpose to make the best chocolate in the world and to forge direct relationships with farmers and co-ops who feature truly exceptional cacao, to pay a premium, and help raise the quality of their life.

They hand sort, roast, crack, winnow, grind at least 48 hours, age for at least one month, temper, mold, and wrap their small-batch chocolate bars in-house to capture the evocative nature of the finest cacao beans in the world.

About this wondrous creation, the story goes:

Late one night in the summer of 2015, we roasted a test batch from the first-ever harvest of Ucayali River Cacao. These beans came from a region of Peru not normally associated with great cacao. But here we knew we had something special, thanks to the exacting standards of award-winning cacao expert Daniel O’Doherty. Ucayali River Cacao pays farmers a premium for their best work, and the level of dedication and care in the processing has been unlike any we have ever seen. We have strived to bring that same level of care to this bar. We are proud to bring back this most unique and interesting chocolate; one that must be savored and enjoyed with quiet contemplation.

By joining projects like Ucayali River Cacao and Conservation International, Letterpress contributes to preserving the Amazonian Peruvian forest and to the survival of the local people threatened by climate change, deforestation, oil exploration, and drug trafficking.

To consolidate this "community" approach, the pattern of the packaging is inspired by the textiles of the indigenous Shipibo-Conibo people of Ucayali.

This bar is sharp and dark as a midsummer shadow. Refreshing and caramelized on the nose as a summer breeze. The vibrant palate is loaded with finesse, doling out caramel mocha entremet cake, sweet cinnamon, and "Elisir all`anice stellato", while the sweet citrusy-like freshness and the polished peppery notes provide impeccable balance.

A wonderfully intoxicating, smooth, flavorsome shiver of pleasure. The mouthfeel is simply fantastic: dense, vibrant, and juicy with an internal dynamism that seems almost suspended.

Excellent quality, fresh, sharp, fine, and persistent revealing thermal aromatic energy at the end. The top mocha, caramel notes followed by a cedar heart are pleasantly sweet serving as a prelude of "Caffe` latte all` anice" finish.

Tasting properly, the peculiarity of the tasting experience is given by the first sip of a thin licorice-herbal layer mouth feel, then it opens fully to smooth caramel-coffee flavors that showcase the refined delicacy and distinctive qualities of the Peru Ucayali cacao origin masterly matched and combined by Letterpress craftmanship.