Ingredients: cacao beans, organic raw cane sugar, organic whole milk, organic cocoa butter

Maker`s description:

Tranquilidad is wild-harvested cacao from Bolivia and fermented by world-renowned cacao expert Volker Lehmann. The Heirloom Cacao Preservation Fund had these beans genetically tested by the USDA and it's been verified 97.3% Boliviano, also known as Beniano cacao. You've heard of Criollo, Nacional, Porcelana? Beniano is in a class all it's own. Dark milk is basically halfway between a dark chocolate bar and a milk chocolate bar. Tranquilidad has been a labor of love, using Designated Heirloom Cacao back in 2014, wild-harvested Beniano cacao. Many of our fans have told us this origin is their favorite chocolate that we make. A chocolate bar on a whole new level. As a Dark Milk Bar, Tranquilidad is milk never want a regular milk chocolate bar again.

Many of you showed me a particular interest in this dark-milk bar. So I saved some money to satisfy your curiosity and... Well, the photos below speak for themselves. I am not enthusiastic about my purchase and I worked very hard on the main picture to even out the brown color where necessary.

Anyways, also if many chocolate connoisseurs would not even try this bar considering it uneatable for the fat bloom or suitable for hot chocolate - it is not even an option for me for the type of bar and the price - I will still try to give you a partial review.

Soft snap. Very delicate aroma, perhaps too mild. The texture is the only thing I appreciate, pudding-like. About the flavor profile and after a tasteless start, I detect subtle caramel-coffee taste and pronounced "Caramelle Rossana" filling (made of milk, almond, and hazelnut) palate which is probably the most compelling part.

I did not even try to use it as hot chocolate because such a solution would be inadequate. Surely, this dark milk projects femininity that is delicate, fun, graceful yet assertive at the same time that you can`t destroy with an explosive combination of high temperature and water/milk.

In the end, I prefer Letterpress Peru Ucayali 70% and I already have the Tranquilidad 70% dark chocolate. So stay tuned.

Regarding Bolivia dark milk option, I would recommend 9Th & Larkin Tranquilidad Wild Harvest Cafe Latte 64%