Letterpress Chocolate - Bachelor`s Hall cacao - Jamaica

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Dark chocolate 70%

Ingredients: cacao beans, organic cane sugar, cocoa butter.

First of all I` ve been reading a lot and it`s seriously true: jamaican cacao is one of the best. That`s why many chocolate makers buy from cacao farmer like Desmond Jadusingh.

He is the owner of one of the largest cocoa farms in Saint Thomas: the Bachelor’s Hall Estate.

Of course nothing is easy as it seems. There is an organization ACDI/VOCA who played an important rule to help these farmers to reach national and international standard. Thanks to the cooperation of the Jamaica Cocoa Farmers’ Association, they introduced a model of farmer-led post-harvest processing in line with the national and international standards.

In 2014 Letterpress craft chocolate maker felt in love with this extraordinary delicate and flavorful cacao: Desmond Jadusingh`s Bachelero`s Hall cacao.

Five years later the dream came true!

Crispy snap. Floral and sweet coffee scents. Creamy texture with warm mouthfeeling.

The tasting starts with a short very sweet film of tropical fruit as mamey fruit: apricote notes, touch of sweet potato, persimmon, hints of nuts and spices (vanilla). Then a radical change!

The flavor of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee shows up establishing an impressive yet short aftertaste: sweet cream, tones of chocolate, smooth yet bright acidity and very low bitterness. Long finish Roselle, known also as hibiscus sabdariffa, subtle aroma on the tip and sides of your tongue: spicy spinach mixed with fruity sourness. Kind of sweet and tangy effect! What an amazing and complex bar!

“Impressive tasting experience! A real jamaican journey.”