Single Origin Sulawesi Saludengen Dark Chocolate

Academy of Chocolate Silver Winner 2017

Ingredients: cacao beans, cacao butter, sugar

Maker`s description:

Krakakoa brings you the Goodness of the Archipelago. Our single-origin dark chocolates are made in small batches using cacao beans sourced directly from the Indonesian farmers we partner with across the country. Indulge in the unique flavor of this sustainably grown farmer-to-bar chocolate, made in Sumatra, Indonesia. Crafted with passion and purpose.

Founded in 2013 as Kakoa then evolved in October 2016 as Krakakoa, this maker has the purpose to let you experience in every bite of their chocolate their commitment to quality and artisanal craftsmanship. Krakakoa belief is that some of the best quality products in the world can be produced in Indonesia where they want to change the way the food production systems impact people and the planet, starting with cacao. Indeed as a FARMER-TO-BAR chocolate company, they aim to improve the livelihood of Indonesian cacao farmers and the sustainability of cacao farming engaging with smallholder cacao farmers directly to increase the quality and the quantity of their harvest. Their partner farmers must complete an 8 up to the 16-week workshop on good agricultural practices and sustainable farming methods. So everything starts with previous training.

Krakakoa cacao beans are organically grown and direct trade. Like other bean-to-bar chocolate makers, they assure to pay more than the Fairtrade Minimum price for their harvest.

About the bar, Saludengen village is nestled among verdant hills in West Sulawesi, a habitat of the tiny tarsier and cacao with earthy and bitter notes. Tasting notes are definitely cedar, black tea, malt, and hop. Balanced bitterness. Personally, I dislike "hop" flavor in chocolate both as natural taste and as inclusion. But I think this bar can please beer geek lovers or people who tend to favor a strong flavor profile and extra-dark options (even 100%).

Side note: I purchased this bar online and based on the whitish color of the surface, I am afraid the flavors are a bit off because of sugar bloom. I did not get a refund though. Looking forward to finding better shop retailers and other Krakakoa bars for a full tasting experience!

I think a little footnote about the Spectral Tarsier is necessary:

Endemic to most of Sulawesi Island, the Spectral Tarsier is vulnerable to extinction. At least 30-40% of its habitat has been converted to agriculture in the past 20 years. Other major threats include habitat loss due to illegal logging, agricultural pesticides, and predation by domestic dogs and cats.

And if you do not know, tarsiers` huge eyes are the largest, relative to body weight, of any mammal. They are agile acrobats. Only 10-15cm in size, but they can jump five to six meters. A young spectral tarsier is able to climb at just a day old and hunt alone by 26 days!