Bronze Award at the Academy of Chocolate

Ingredients: chocolate (cocoa butter, milk powder, cocoa beans, cane sugar), topping: cocoa nibs (20%)

The milk chocolate is made with a blend of different cacao origins: Jamaica, Trinidad, and Bolivia; and it is topped with Madagascar cacao nibs

This is the first time I try Jordi`s chocolate, and I am positively impressed. Besides the generous nibs topping, the bar is pleasantly creamy and crunchy. Quite soft and gentle in flavor: milky & chocolatey complemented by the nutty nibs influence. Considering the usual pungent/bitter/earthy/fruity nibs taste, I expected a striking contrast of tasting notes. Instead, the tasting experience is delicate and harmonious. To support the perception of the "dormant" flavors, I recommend pairing it with a nice espresso.

A curiosity about this maker from the Czech Republic, Jordi's making philosophy goes against the current flow. Most craft producers put the emphasis on the region, country, or farm origin, putting the main ingredient - cocoa beans- before the process. In such an environment it‘s difficult to make your own impression as a chocolate maker, chocolate making skills become secondary, and whoever finds the most obscure source of cocoa beans is the king. Based on these beliefs, Jiri and his team focus their work on the ability to make chocolate by blending various cocoas to achieve the taste they like rather than subordinating everything to making the bean speak for itself. Indeed, they do not buy cocoa for the geographical uniqueness but for the blendability!

Well, if you would you like to try something much more daring, now you know where to look...