Ingredients: cacao, organic sugar, organic cocoa butter

Maker`s description:

When the Spanish first found these prized beans they named them “Porcelana” (Porcelain) due to the pure white color of the bean when freshly cut open. Porcelana is only found in isolated places in the south of Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela with these particular beans coming from Sorotaima. It is a criollo, which in itself is a rare family of cacao, not widely cultivated due to its frailty and low yield, and among the criollo is the Porcelana, the rarest of the rare.
The farmer - Cacao Marquez - we purchased this cacao from only produce around 400kg per year. The cacao is grown at 645 meters elevation with coffee and guava nearby. We managed to procure two precious sacks which were specially flown out from Miami to Nelson. After the testing was complete we made it all into a 68% chocolate which was stored and aged for 12 months. The extended aging has reduced all bitterness and acidity to zero and left us with fine delicate chocolate which is lightly floral and fruity, slightly spicy and minty.
Truly special chocolate that needs to be experienced at least once, and with a clean palate so you can appreciate the subtlety of this exceptional cacao. We have made around 1200 bars so it's strictly a Limited Edition.

Hard snap. It melts very slowly closing enough smoothly on the palate.

The taste is very chocolatey, sweet, and floral with soft dried fruity undertones like apricots and figs. The finish is herbal and, surprisingly, bitter. Mint-like strong aftertaste.

It certainly represents my favorite Hogarth dark chocolate bar. I would have preferred a higher cacao percentage (at least 70%) and a creamier texture. However, thanks to the evolution of flavors - starting out from sweet and floral and developing a complex bitter herbaceous mouthfeel/aftertaste - the tasting experience is very interesting and somewhat intricate.