Ingredients: Cacao Beans, Organic Sugar, Single Origin Cocoa Butter (Kokoa Kamili)*

Flavor notes: very bright and citrusy with notes of sweet cherry, tangerine, apricot & nectarine

About Kokoa Kamili Kokoa Kamili is based in the village of Mbingu, which is located in the Kilombero valley in Tanzania. They purchase wet cacao from thousands of farmers at prices that are 24% higher than prevailing market rates. The cacao is fermented and dried at the cocoa farm’s facility, which allows them to carefully control the critical post-harvest process. They also employ dozens of people in the region, paying well above the local rate. It was founded by Simran Bindra and Brian LoBue. Simran is from Mbingu, and he and Monica are both part of the Fine Cacao and Chocolate Institute (FCIA) working group focused on standardizing the definitions of direct and transparent trade across the chocolate industry.

Shiny and homogeneous on the surface ********** (perfection)

Brown color *****

Aroma: jammy aroma (pronounced apricot, nectarine scents)

Mouthfeel: warm

Texture: great and very buttery

Snap: very good ********

Structure/Hardness: ***

Texture: *******

Roundness: *******

Sweetness: ****

Aromatic finesse:

Acidity: *

Astringency: *

Bitterness: **

Intensity: ******

Complexity: *****

Length/Aftertaste: *******

Flavor profile

Prepare to enter the most immersive tasting experience in years, from Goodnow Farms Chocolate. You can put your olfactory memory to the test in this tour, an all-embracing experience, where this neglected sense becomes the leading character again. Tom and Monica have a great ability to think outside the box by pressing their own single-origin cocoa butter for each variety of chocolate. The result is award-winning chocolate that always stays true to the bean!

Upon tasting, the sweet juicy dark cherry and earthy chocolate flavor in addition to molasses, apricot, and nectarine notes, create a Sacher-cake mouthfeel. Towards the end, the citrusy profile makes its appearance in the form of "tangerine peel" leaving a very aromatic aftertaste of artisanal "Liquore agli Agrumi Siciliano" called also "Agrumello" made with a mix of mandarins, oranges, lemons, and, sometimes, a bit of clove. The finish is pleasant and enhanced by a little bitter touch that contributes to the lastingness of the palate.

The elegant, slightly bitter back taste flavor and fine aroma make it an excellent 77% dark to enjoy on any occasion: decidedly harmonious and rounded, rolling off the mouth without sharp tones. Of note are the extreme mild bitterness, and the gentle sweet undertones of Sicilian cookies made with almond paste and garnished with candied cherries.

Thank you so much Tom for sending me this sample to try. I truly enjoyed every bite of it.

*cocoa butter freshly pressed from the same beans used to make the bar.

Values expressed in stars from 1 to 8. If the bar is extraordinarily close to perfection, I can go up to 10.