Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Hand crafted single origin chocolate made with FRESHLY PRESSED COCOA BUTTER

Bean origin: NICARAGUA

Ingredients: cacao beans, organic sugar, cacao butter, coffee beans.

Academy of chocolate awards silver 2018

Good Food awards finalist 2019

Goodnow Farms combined their Nicaraguan cacao with coarse ground single-origin coffee from the El Recreo Estate always in Nicaragua.

Have you ever tried coffee beans covered with (i hope) dark chocolate (not milk please)?

If yes you know what I`m talking about!

Sharp snap. Very buttery texture. Chocolatey and crunchy (not too much but still satisfying). Earthy and nutty Nicaraguan cacao aroma. Well balanced with the arabica coffee beans chosen. Their taste is smooth, sweet, and nutty with what it seemed to be a pleasant mild acidity aftertaste. Why did I say that? Because I do believe dark chocolate and grounded coffee beans together should not be so obvious. Every interaction is a struggle between two elements for control.

Recently I also tried CHOCOLATASM CAFFE` ROMANO with Ethiopian sidamo coffee and lemon. Amazing bar! Check my review about it :)

For sure I` ll try the Letterpress chocolate mocha. They used a different method: instead of using grounding coffee beans, they pour over brewing the coffee with cocoa butter heated to 195F to release the oil from the coffee and avoid the acidity finish.

Let`s see!

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