Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Academy of Chocolate International NewComer 2017

Ingredients: cocoa mass, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, yuzu powder (dextrin, yuzu-juice)

Cacao Origin: Öko Caribe - Dominican Republic

Cacao Variety: Trinitario

This dark chocolate is made with Japanese Yuzu powder, a very rare and extremely expensive lemon-like fruit. Actually, it has Chinese origin but tends to grow in Japan too.

I have never tried this fruit in my life but the flavor should be tart and fragrant, floral and citrusy, grapefruit/lime-like with hints of orange and mandarine.

I can tell the acidity is well balanced and, since we are talking about the powder form, I detect slightly bitter undertones too.

Hard snap.

Medium brown color ( I expected a lighter shade of brown).

Chocolate-fruity-citrussy aroma, very fresh on the nose.

Warm mouthfeel enhanced by refreshing citrus flavor. Like everyone else, the first thing you are tempted to looking for is Yuzu! Pretty easy to recognize too. But the magical value of this inclusion comes already from those basic tasting notes we recognize while we smelling, sampling, testing, and guessing the "original" flavor profile of the Öko Caribe.

I always hear about "Taste with colors" and here we are:

  • brown is for chocolate,

  • yellow is for yuzu,

  • orange is for mandarine,

  • orange-pink is for pink grapefruit,

  • green as lime peel zest,

  • red-pink is for raspberry.

The new Georgia Ramon Yuzu bar is simply outstanding and the shining interplay of colors reflects the perfect feel-good vibes.

Through the introduction of Yuzu powder and a carefully selected cacao origin, the essential and refined beauty of this bar has been elevated to the status of glory!

Deep chocolate with red and brown fruit different facets direct your palate and are able to emphasize delicate yet distinctive flavors that range from floral, pink grapefruit, mandarine, some sour undertones, fading into a long finish with a tart recall of raspberry tang.

Look, there's no metaphysics on earth like chocolates. (Fernando Pessoa)

Thank you Georgia Ramon for gifting me this new release that has already become one of my favorite. Overall, I was oriented to a lemony-like tasting experience by instinct. Instead, its complexity surprised me more than I could imagine.

I am curious, what is your color portrait of this bar?