Updated: Sep 15, 2020


Ingredients: cocoa liquor Bolivia Wild Beni, raw cane sugar.

Cacao Origin: Hacienda Tranquilidad

Cacao Variety: Beniano

Medium Roast - Grind 72 Hours - No conching

Aromatic profile: honey, toasted nuts, ripe fruit (figs, plums, currants), coffee.

Maker`s description:

Bolivia is a landlocked country in South America bordering Peru and Chile to the west, Argentina and Paraguay to the south, and Brazil to the east and north.

Heirloom cocoa varieties are the diamonds of cocoa and they are very rare - cacao trees and beans, endowed with a combination of historical, cultural, botanical, geographical, and, above all, flavor value (

The wild growing cacao Wild Beni comes from the Hacienda Tranquilidad in the Bolivian Itenez River basin in the Amazon delta. It is known as Beniano and it is genetically unique and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The small forest islands where the cocoa can be found are called by the locals "los Chocolatales". La Tranquilidad, which means calm or serenity, is the name of one of them. The hacienda is owned by the former German development expert Volker Lehmann, based in Santa Cruz, who bought it in 2001 settting up a research center on wild cocoa. The Finca with 500 hectares of natural forest and 80 hectares of low-yielding natural pasture and 40 hectares of the nature reserve is a medium-sized farm compared to the huge nearby cattle ranches with thousands of hectares, which gives permanent employment to two local families. Sadly, a number of "los Chocolatales" have been cleared for pastures, which has already made the rare original cocoa disappear in some areas. This is the first of our two 2IC chocolates made with just two ingredients: cocoa beans and raw cane sugar. We hope you will enjoy it!

Dark brown color. Nice snap (not very hard yet not sharp).

Great texture: it doesn`t stick to the palate and it melts easily with an almost undetectable "powdery" closure. Overall, it is very gratifying and rewarding for a dark chocolate bar with such a high content of cacao and without cacao butter. To be honest, I am stunned by the smoothness of this masterfully worked dark chocolate bar in terms of mouthfeel.

Regarding the flavors, I love it. With its mild character, it underscores extraordinary tasting notes defined and all distinguishable:

Starting from roasted hazelnuts, cool-like honey background, rich roasted coffee finish trading off each other harmonically.

The fruitness that everyone talks about is not as striking as I expected and more on the sweet side. I can try to interpret it as black figs, overripe prunes and ripe currant (verging more on blackberry flavor profile rather than gooseberry). These are not negative qualities: fruits can be sweet or tart and if you indulge in each bite you can detect some tart fresh touch on the tip of the tongue.

This bar stands out for its elegant-delicate-tasteful identity and uniqueness. Believe me, it is absolutely recommendable even for the greediest for its versatility. Just try to picture the most notorious campfire treat in the United States - the s`more that means "some more" - made with graham crackers, gooey roasted marshmallow, and a square or more of this "slice of heaven". Or the healthiest and flavorful cup of hot/iced chocolate on the planet. And it might seem ordinary suggestions, and they are, but in the front of the sea the happiness is "a simple idea".

Don`t you crave a little?

Thank you Georgia Ramon for this fantastic gift!