Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Cacao Origin/Variety: Brazil COOPOAM/Trinitario

Academy of Chocolate: International NewComer 2017

Ingredients: cocoa mass, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, raw cane sugar.

Brazil is the largest and most populous country in South America. With the exception of Chile and Ecuador, Brazil shares a border with every other South American country.

COOPOAM is a cooperative in the state of Pará, east of the Amazon and bordering Surinam and Guyana in the north, which has merged with five other cooperatives to form the Cooperative Central De Produ çâo Orgânica Na Transamazonica E Xingu - CEPOTX.

A total of 90 farms and 150 producer families grow organic and Fairtrade certified cocoa on 1,125 hectares.

Caramel-brown color.

Soft snap and creamy texture.

Speaking from experience such a high percentage of cacao reflects more the taste of dark/milk chocolate where the sweet/dairy flavor is restricted and expanded by the major influence of the cacao beans. But the maker approach is more drastic and intense verging for unsweetened products in this matter. See the shadow milk 75% on their online shop.

Based on the tasting notes, mine is more than just an assumption: the simple milk inclusion emphasizes important elements of the brazilian-trinitario cacao beans such as herbs, rum, and toasted sugary qualities reducing its fruity complexity. On the other hand, the cacao beans limit the sensation of sweetness while allowing a good development of fragrant chocolate-caramel-rum ice cream vibes.

Aroma: dairy, honey, toasted sugar

Palate: prominent chocolate herbs/milk vigorous notes with an exceptional rum finish. Think about dark/milk chocolate infused with tea, with the difference that the tannin mouthfeel character is replaced with a "splash of rum".

Finish: the sweet and toasted sugary flavor is quite fresh, soft, and well balanced. It follows an unpredictable and difficult to spot zesty red fruit touch on the tip of the tongue. That`s why I recommend to do not chew the square of chocolate but allow it to dissolve in your mouth slowly.

The general feeling is of an excellent rum barrel-aged dark milk bar: sweet, full, harmonious, and lingering tasting experience with hidden fruit undertones.

Once again I greatly appreciated another Georg Bernardini's sample bar.