Academy of Chocolate Bronze Winner 2019

Ingredients: cacao beans, coconut oil, sugar

What a whimsical character is this coconut bar!

This is the first time I taste dark chocolate made with coconut oil rather than cacao butter. And I find the tasting experience very interesting and, in many regards, beyond my expectations.

The snap is not that soft. On the nose, you can smell a faint fresh scent of fruity coconut oil.

The texture is intermittent between creamy and "oily". On the palate, the coconut oil adds a sumptuous tropical touch on a sweet dried fruit background. Afterward, the manifestation of herbal and earthy flavors is quite evident which would represent a blatant intrusion into play that softens the light and sweet start and immediately creates a bitter vegetal finish.

NOTE: The bar has expired as of 08/20 in which I believe affects the palate due to the coconut oil properties.

Thank you, Olivier and Gaston Chocolat for sending me some samples.