Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Medium roast, medium conche.

International silver chocolate award 2017

Academy of chocolate bronze award 2017

Beans origin: trinitario

Fresco is a craft chocolate maker based in Washington. Rob Anderson, the fresco founder, was an engineer but he was also very passionate about the chocolate. From tasting to making process. After a particular tour at the Scharffen Berger Chocolate Factory in California, he was interested even more. So he created his own chocolate reality.

The name FRESCO means "fresh" in Italian which is how Fresco Team thinks chocolate should be! Their idea is to experiment with different tasting experiences based on the same cacao origin but different roasting and conching processes.

Today I tried this rich hand-selected organic and fair trade OKO CARIBE beans from the Dominican Republic. It has a nice snap, silky texture...almost buttery. Cool mouth feeling as coconut oil. Floral, coconut-caramel, light cocoa scents. It starts with zapote aromas (similar to figs). It follows a smoked wood notes with hints of blackcurrant. Roasted cocoa and tobacco aftertaste.

“Impressive long-lasting finish of floral nuances in your nose as a good friend of a tasting tour.”